Bovine Nightmares

Alternative Metal
Bethlehem, PA

Bovine Nightmares Logo Bovine Nightmares

The other big standout for me is I Am Misery by @bovine_nightmares. The unhinged wailings of the madman fronting this outfit remind me of #MikePatton at his most psychotic. - No Cookie Reviews

I Am Misery by Bovine Nightmares, chaotic and schizophrenic vocals - and longer than average for a punk track! Proof, if any, that horned animals have lead in their guts. - Segolene Cugnod, Metal Alliance Magazine

On “Giving Little Robots to Children,” Bovine Nightmares offer up reckless dynamism and delicious cultural sonic/visual dislocations, as well as singularly imaginative music. - Randall Radic, Old Pink/Medium

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C'est La Vie

Gypsy Jazz
Bethlehem, PA

C'est La Vie

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